IDEA Space coordinates the development and improvement of current and future public spaces in the Chinatown/International District. We help leverage funding and serve as the community outreach arm for determining what a public space for the neighborhood can look like. We also plan and host events in public spaces, such as parks and historic alleys, to encourage positive activation of community places and showcase the potential for underutilized areas. In a multi-generational neighborhood where often three or more generations share the same spaces, we advocate for public spaces that are suitable for our elders as well as for younger generations.  

Recently, we have completed the redevelopment of Donnie Chin International Children’s Park and are currently in the progress of developing the following projects:

Hing Hay Park Expansion
Little Saigon Pocket Park
Tai Tung Neon Sign
Little Saigon Community Crosswalks
Revitalization of Nihonmachi Alley
Revitalization of Maynard Alley
Revitalization of Canton Alley
Little Saigon Park


Please contact An Huynh at for more information.