IDEA Space is a program of the Seattle Chinatown International Preservation and Development Authority.

We were created in 2008 as a resource center for residents, business owners, and stakeholders of the Seattle Chinatown International District to work on community development projects.

We provide a venue for neighborhood voices to gather and discuss ideas, and back these projects with research, technical assistance, access to resources, and manpower to fully realize these projects.

We focus our support on projects that aim to revitalize the neighborhood and support economic growth. Our impact areas include the surrounding Japantown and Little Saigon neighborhoods.


Our staff makes us unique. Here are the team members you’ll see around the neighborhood:

MaryKate Ryan is an architectural historian with 13 years of experience in State Historic Preservation Offices in Oregon, North Dakota, and New Hampshire. With a focus on disaster preparedness, she has worked with communities to understand how history and community development are important pieces of plans for sustainability and resilience. She has a graduate degree in art and architectural history from the University of Oregon.

MaryKate Ryan 

Preservation Planner

Tel: (206) 838-8238
E-mail: MaryKateR@scidpda.org

Jamie manages the funding, reporting, and vision for all IDEA Space projects and initiatives. Jamie joined the SCIDpda team in the summer of 2014; before that, she worked in the University District with Sanctuary Art Center, an arts organization for homeless youth and young adults. She has over eight years in fund development and project management, both in her professional and volunteer life. She holds a Master’s in Social Work and Public Administration from the University of Washington.

Jamie Lee

Director of Community Initiatives

Tel: (206) 838-8713
E-mail: jamiel@scidpda.org

An manages numerous projects in both the private and public realms in the Chinatown/International District. Recent projects include a parklet, community crosswalks, and façade improvement projects at multiple sites throughout the neighborhood. She graduated from the University of Washington with degrees in Community, Environment & Planning and environmental science. An serves as an at-large citizen representative for the Seattle School Traffic Safety Committee.

An Huynh

Public Space & Community Coordinator

Tel: (206) 838-8715
E-mail: AnH@scidpda.org

Eliza manages and operates the coworking space and programs workshops, events, and consultations through the 3-For-Free event series. Eliza also assists with general marketing tasks for SCIDpda. She graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Journalism. Prior to her arrival to SCIDpda, she worked as a Social Media Specialist at a digital marketing agency.

Eliza Chan

Program Supervisor of Hing Hay Coworks

Tel: (206) 962-4032

E-mail: ElizaC@scidpda.org

Rachtha Danh comes from a big refugee family, all of whom live and work in Washington State. You can find him running around in the Chinatown International District where he tries to be a good community member. He’s been a resident of the neighborhood for 5 years and has been working there off and on for about 10 years.

Rachtha Danh

Program Liaison, IDEA Space | HHCoworks

Tel: (206) 962-4032

E-mail: RachthaD@scidpda.org