Resources. Collaboration. Development.

IDEA Space is a program of the Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority (SCIDpda). Created in 2008, we are a resource center for the neighborhood’s residents, business owners, and stakeholders. We serve as a catalyst for spurring dialogue and mobilizing community members to participate in the decisions that will shape their neighborhood.

Business District Resources

Supports existing Chinatown/International District business owners in growing and improving their businesses.

Helps connect property owners and developers with quality commercial tenants and fill vacancies that will enhance the identity of the neighborhood.

Preservation & Sustainability

Helps neighborhood property and business owners navigate changing rules and regulations and access incentives for building upgrades.

Documents the strong legacy of small, immigrant entrepreneurial businesses & rich past and present storyscape of the neighborhood.

Public Space

Coordinates the development and improvement of current and future public spaces in the Chinatown/International District.

Help leverage funding and serve as the community outreach arm for determining what a public space for the neighborhood can look like.

Public Safety

Aggregates community public safety concerns and voices them to address cultural nuances that disconnects the community members and stakeholders between public servants.

Facilitates recommendation of the Public Safety Taskforce to implement plans to ensures a livable neighborhood.

  • “From renovation of International Children’s Park to ongoing activation of alleys, IDEA Space has been instrumental in turning ideas and aspiration of the community into reality. It has been fortunate for my students and myself to be part of these projects.

    Jeff Hou Professor and Chair of Landscape Architecture, University of Washington
  • "IDEA Space is a great program and has helped to build, promote, and create vitality in Chinatown International District.  The work being done is so important to both the business and residential community.  We have all benefitted from their programs and The Ethnic Business Coalition is proud to partner with IDEA Space."

    Taylor Hoang Executive Director, Ethnic Business Coalition
  • "As a property owner, IDEA space has been an invaluable partner helping our family preserve the history and facade of our property.  They have also been helpful with consulting and assisting our retail tenants market and promote their businesses.

    I most appreciate their talented staff who seem to always have a 'can do' attitude and are constantly on the lookout for resources that may benefit us."

    Paul Murakami Property Owner, Japantown
  • "I knew it was a great place to work and I felt a sense of community that made me want to help in any way I could ... My favorite part was collaborating with other community members to facilitate various events and projects."

    Kiyana Daba Volunteer 2009 - 2010
  • "During my internship, I spent the time to learn about the job of a community development professional ... I also thought about my career path and imagine how I could engage in my community as a developer in Japan."

    Taka Seto Exchange Student 2012
  • "My favorite part of working here was the people and the mission. Everyone is so genuine. It's nice to work every day feeling like I'm a part of a family that's all working towards one goal, which was to improve the community."

    Amy Nguyen Account Manager, Cobalt
  • "IDEA Space really shaped my perspective on community development. I loved the constant opportunities to think about the relationship of space and people, and how they influence each other."

    Ben Han Transportation Planner, Pierce County
  • "Community development work requires patient and dedicated relationship building in addition to well-thought planning. At IDEA Space, I got to see both firsthand."

    Ryoko Nozawa Mission Investors Exchange
  • "I got a lot of experience in leadership development, teamwork and creative thinking from my time at IDEA Space. It was a great place to learn, be challenged, and grow."

    Lissa Eng AmeriCorps Volunteer 2012 - 2013
  • "The community cares much more about a project when planning and design process takes a bottom-up approach as opposed to a top-down approach ... My favorite part of working at IDEA Space is witnessing many of my projects in the neighborhood from beginning to completion. This is especially rewarding when I see the positive impact these projects have made in this community."

    Ching Chan IDEA Space 2008 - 2016